Libra: Air

harmony so important.

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VIRGO: Takes everything to heart so be careful what you say. Virgos are very particular both in regard to what they conceal and what they reveal. They tend to take things literally,so if promised something will expect others to come through. Virgos often make silent demands, expecting that their needs will be met without having to state them verbally. They are independent type, efficient, compassionate, sexy as hell. When they get drunk, they can get pretty ofensive and critical. Element:

Earth. Mode:Sensation, Thought, Motto I Serve. Stones & Uses Amethyst: grants freedon from everyday concerns.*Carnelian:alleviates worry stomachaches.*Pyrite.confidence and vitality.

Aquarius: Air

Passionate &



Fire.Values honor.

New Age: II

LIBRA: Libra is balance. Love and marriage is important to Libra. Libra symbolizes the need of the mature human being to take his/her place in the world. They must beware of imposing their strong views on others. They are quite capable, however, of applying pressure to others, particularly if they feel are acting in everyone's best interest. Libra is diplomatic,easygoing, sociable, appearance is very important, wants everyone to  be happy.

Element:Air.Mode: Thought,Sensation. Stone & Uses.Opal: frees up energy,enhances judgment.* Coral:loves to please and receive.* Jade: helps kidney functions.


Earth. Material


​Scorpio: Water

Possessive nature.

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Virgo: Earth

Pragmatic to the extreme.

Aquarians are promoters of high ideals, valuing scientific and universal truths highly. they strive to maintain objectivity and for this reason are sometimes accused of coolnes or lack of emotion. They like things to go easily. Those born under this sign often have a reputacion for all sorts of idiosyncratic behavior. They are often irresistibly attracted to those profound, darker aspects of other that seem to figure less prominently in their own personality.Element: Air. Mode: Thought. Motto: I Universalize. Stones & Uses. Amazonite: opens up inspirational faculties. *Aquamarine: combats depression. * Amber:calms restlessness.

Capricorns have an instinctive knowledge of power and how ir works. Many must beware of a tendency toward dictatorial behavior. Other ,however,do not specialize in telling people what to do, but how to do it. They admits trial, difficult, even suffering to be part of life's package. Capricorns do not particularly care how long it takes them to achieve their ends. They belive in working and reworking their materials slowly and carefully, and rarely give up.  Anxious, Never satisfied. Element: Earth. Mode:Sensation. Motto I Master. Stones & Uses ​: Aquamarine: Promotes mental clarity.* Garnet : Attract good luck. Sappire: Combinew discipline with frienliness.

SCORPIO: They usually have an excellent sense of humor.Usually do not seek confrontation but rather keep their weapons in reserve to be used in self-defense.Generally speaking, scorpios carry

​with them and instinctive understanding of the high seriousness and tragic nature of life. Never speaks empty words. They always  mean what they say. Scorpios are often serious people,and those

who have felt their sting know that they are not easily ignored.Element:Water Mode:Feling. Motto

I control. Stones & Uses. Garnet:balances sexual drives.*Carnelian:Keepes one's feet on the ground

Black pearl:* grants calm.

5,5-5,8mm coral 15,5"$6,75         8mm fire opal 15,5" $6,75            30mm jade pendant $6,75

Sagittarius: Are eternal students seeking to know more about the world. Rarely bored. Sagitarians constantly seek out new ways in which they can express themselves. Their electric energies are prodigious but invariably flag when crucial self motivation and self-confidence decline.Domineering, optimistic. Element: Fire.  Mode; Intuition. Motto: I philosophize.Stones &Uses.Turquoise: protects again catastrophe. * Amethyst: promotes mildness and under standing. Citrine: acts as agent between lower and higher selves.

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