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Key:Crystals: Solar Plexus​

Key:Crystals: Crown Chakra.

New Age. III

Key:Crystals: Third Eye.

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Key: Root Chacra

Key: Crystal. Heart Chakra​

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Key: Sacral Chakra

Pisces: Water.

​True Believers


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Man has the macrocosm within him as a microcosm that handles all the cosmic, extra terrestial bombardments, etc, that humanity presently is becoming more awre of daily.

Man has seven key areas or force centers located throughout the body. These seven chakras act as buffer, sensitizers, radio receiving and transmitting stations and they also

reflects the state of personal soul development and experience. These force centers affect everything that comes into and goes out of each individual person. Gems are remedies that stimulate cosmic change.  Each mineral has its own function and vibration.

                                            FORCE CENTERS OR CHAKRAS

Key:Crystals:Throat Chakra

PISCES: They need to be alone a good deal of the time and run the risk of becoming escapists or loners who isolate themselves from the world. Extreme sensitivity can make it difficult to Pisces to lead an easy social life. Escapes involving addiction are particularly dangerous for them. Pisces are highly empathic and sensitive to the difficulties of others; they tend to respond with compassion in the face of misfortune.Must beware that others do not impose unduly on them or take advantage of their acquiescence. Emotional, Artistic. Element: Water

Mode: Feeling. Motto: I Believe. Stones & Uses. Opal: enhances awareness of ilusion.* Jade balances kidney function. *Pearl: offers sooting consolation.