Leo: Symbolizes the need of the ego to make its mark on the world. Ambition,power and self confidence are hall marks of this sign. Leos love to be admired not only for their physical appearance but also for what they do. Leo will defend family,friends and mates to the last drop of blood if necessary.Element Fire. Mode Intuition. Motto I Create. Stones & Uses. Topaz restores inner calm. Tiger's eye: granst vitality. Amber: grounds vision

.GEMINI: Gemini are attracted to excitement and change. Few things bring them as much satisfaction as traveling around with one or more friends looking for some trouble to get into. For geminis, trouble means adventure. But they also tire easily.Gemini like being part of a group.Stones & uses. Citrine: lends sunniness to communication.*Amber: grounds high-flying imagination *Tourmaline helps concentration.Element: Air. Mode:Thought Motto: I communicate.

12mm Natural Round beads 15.5" $11,00               10mm  $9,00                      6mm   $7,00


$11.00 per strand                             $12.75  per strand                   8mm $8.75 per strand

Recent surveys of US adults indicate that many people hold at least some new age beliefs. Belive in atrology as a method of foretelling the future. Belive that crystals are source of healing or energizing power. Mystical writings dating from the First Century AD indicate that had to carry a specific stone for each astrological sign.

TAURUS:Taureans show a great interest in all physical matters, from sex to food to sports. They can also function as acute observer. Taureans generally develop the capacity to comtemplate a strategy and wait for the right moment to implement their plans.Taurus bottom line: my way-or no way. They live for people they love.

Element: Earth. Mode:Sensation. Motto:I have. Stones & Uses. Rose quartz.soothing,inspires imagination. *Emerald: promotes, enhances self-confidence

*Lapiz lazuli: deepens activities on the material plane.

Mystic Merchant Jewelry.

3.35 mm $11.25 per strand             4 mm $11.75 per strand         2mm $8.00 per strand

$10,00 per strand            $12.00 per strand                $11.75 per strand


Sensitive to intrusion.


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  Aries:  Fire

 Does not

like to be told no.


Gemini: Air

Is the winged


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Rose quartz 12mm Round beads 15,5'' $6,75                                        Lapiz lazulli Natural $8,25

New Age I

Taurus:​ Earth

Hard to convience.

​​​​​​​​​​​​CANCER: They can be quite aggressive in getting what they want, but often prefer not to make demands, expecting others to understand their needs, sensitives and diverse moods. A strong bond of empathy with another person is far more

important to a Cancerian than reason or logic. Cancerian grow nervous and irritable

Cancerians are particularly persuasive in the private sphere,where they best work

​their special brand of magic. Element: Water. Mode; Feeling. Motto I Feel. Stones

& Uses. Moonstone: balances moodiness, relieves stomachaches *Pearl: soothes

sadness and depression. *Peridot: bolsters optimism, resists emotional instability.

Many stones have strong Crystal energy, and may aid you to improve you health if the birthstone

Crystal that you have chosen is not available in Jewelry......buy a tumblestone and keep it in yourt

pocket. Many people have long suspected, as astrologers belive, that the day you were born affects

​your personality.

Leo; Fire.

Is fire under control.

ARIES ; The Ram is fiery, prodigious and dinamic, open, but also self-centered and willful. Still innocent. Aries often display a strong desire to lead. Element: Fire. Mode: Intuition. Motto: I am. Stones & Uses: Diamond:

enhamces self-confidence. *Ruby: raises fighting spirit. *Emerald: helps

communication. *Amethyst: relieves headaches.